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How to choose the right kitchen sink for your home

From food preparation to cleaning up, the kitchen sink is truly essential in every step of the kitchen workflow. As one of the busiest spots in the kitchen, this feature has to be durable and functional to handle daily chores.  While every kitchen sink has its own function and unique qualities, the best fit will… Read more »

5 Kitchen Preparation Steps for the Holiday Season

Kitchen preparation is one of the most exciting and stressful (if you’re not prepared!) experiences for every homeowner, and with the holidays coming in less than two months, our excitement chills will never fail to set in.  If you are as excited as we are, you might want to check out our list of kitchen… Read more »

Choosing the Right Kitchen Island Design for Your Home

What is a Kitchen Island  A functional kitchen island design is a great addition to every home. It can serve many purposes to improve the kitchen’s functionality and efficiency, such as providing an additional workspace to give you a clutter-free kitchen or serving as an additional room for specialised storage solutions, dining, and entertainment.  … Read more »

Why You Should Laminate Your Kitchen

kitchen laminates

Laminate is one of the top picks of kitchen owners to enhance the functionality and overall aesthetics of their kitchen. This type of finish has a variety of colours and textures to choose from to match the design of your space, but most importantly, laminates can withstand everyday activities in the kitchen.   To help… Read more »

Must try colour trends for your kitchen!

Choosing the perfect kitchen colours can either make or break a total kitchen renovation. Not only does it define your overall aesthetic, but it also creates a more engaging place for your next cooking session and adds warmth to your family bonding moment.   If you are looking for some inspiration for your kitchen, check out… Read more »

Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet – A Step-by-Step Guide

kitchen cabinet

The kitchen cabinet serves a big role in decluttering spaces—transforming your home to be more beautiful and functional. But the common challenge is that every house is built differently in terms of space and aesthetics. So, bringing in every storage idea to upgrade your space might just confuse you in the end. In this blog,… Read more »

Now Hiring – Cabinetmaker

now hiring cabinetmaker

Direct Kitchens Company began in 1985. During this time, we have become a leader in providing custom-made high-end Kitchens all over Melbourne. We are growing as a company and require a qualified and experienced cabinet maker. This is a full-time position with an immediate start. Applicant must be self-motivated, have good communication skills and work… Read more »

How to Avoid Pitfalls When Renovating Your Dream Kitchen Space.

In every home where everyone is hustling and bustling, there’s one special space that brings the family together: the kitchen. For years, this area has been referred to as the hearth of every household, as it provides a supportive environment where everyone can experience a warm bond and create fresh memories to share.    Now you’re… Read more »

Now Hiring – Kitchen Designer

now hiring kitchen designer

Direct Kitchens is growing! We are now hiring an experienced Kitchen Designer with flair to join our team. Must have a solid sales background with a good closing average. We supply qualified quality leads and offer a generous commission on sales. We manufacture our own kitchens on site and offer our clients full project management. If you… Read more »

6 Steps to Planning Your Dream Kitchen Space

Have you ever visualised a kitchen design idea that seems to be perfect for you, but when you’re just about to start, it doesn’t seem like it could ever become a reality?  Sudden questions like “Do all these ideas work well together?” or “Can this space be functional?”  or “Is my budget enough to start… Read more »