Lifestyle Kitchen Renovation

The perfect start point for beginning your home renovations is in the kitchen. Your kitchen is the centrepiece of the home. It is also the space where you will spend the majority of your time in, so having a beautiful kitchen is paramount. It also makes it easier to create a similar feel and style... Read more »

Why choose an Australian made custom kitchen?

If you are just starting the process of a Kitchen renovation in the near future, one of the first decisions is whether to choose an Australian made Custom Kitchen or a flat packed or modular type Kitchen. Firstly, I wanted to explain the difference between the two. A custom made kitchen means that your kitchen... Read more »

Your Kitchen Renovation and Covid19

Being in lockdown or working from home has sparked an increased interest in kitchen and home renovation. Cooking in a new kitchen and your kitchen being used so much more to whip up delectable meals, is definitely a plus at this time. This is when you realise that your kitchen appliances don’t really do the... Read more »

When is a kitchen facelift an option?

A kitchen renovation can change the mood of your home completely. Updating your existing kitchen by giving it a kitchen facelift is a way of renovating your kitchen faster as you are not starting from scratch. Providing the bones of your existing kitchen are good, you can replace doors, panels, bench tops and increase kitchen... Read more »

Best Kitchen Design Trends For 2019

Kitchen design at the start of 2019 was still focusing on the Scandi kitchen design and colours. Minimalistic white or grey Caesarstone bench tops, crisp white doors combined with light woodgrain to add a bit of interest to the space. Although this is still on trend, particularly with the clients wanting a modern clean look,... Read more »

Accessories In Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen design these days includes not only the outside appearance of your new kitchen. There are an abundance of kitchen accessories available, designed to improve both the functionality and look of the inside of your cabinetry too. Kitchen pantry solutions which make food organization a breeze. Pull- out oil and spices drawers installed next to... Read more »

How To Ruin A Beautiful Kitchen

We are always figuring out ways to save money. This is a good thing but when it comes to your new kitchen, cheap handles can spoil a beautiful kitchen design. If this is your forever home, invest in good quality kitchen handles. After all they are used day in day out and you want them... Read more »

Kitchen Range-hoods Can Be Beautiful

Designing a kitchen and incorporating a custom hood within the kitchen design can certainly add that wow factor you’ve been looking for in your new kitchen. From the simple, elegant, rangehood design to an elaborate Hood with crown moulding and shaped to suit, this understated functional kitchen appliance has now become an integral and necessary... Read more »

Beautiful Hamptons Kitchen Design – Part 2

  In order to achieve a stunning Hamptons Style Kitchen there are certain elements that need to be addressed. You should speak to your kitchen designer and make sure each of the following items are ticked off the list. Apart from the kitchen design aspect, there are also Fittings, Finishes, Appliances and Accessories to consider… Read more »

Beautiful Hamptons Kitchen Design

What is a Hamptons Kitchen Design and how do I achieve this look in my own New Kitchen Project? Why has the Hamptons Style Kitchen become so in demand and we are finding that there is a huge increase in our clients wanting a Hamptons Kitchen Design with all the bells and whistles? We all… Read more »

Kitchen Showroom Makeover In Bayswater

We are very excited to announce our Bayswater Kitchen Showroom has been totally renovated from top to bottom. There are 5 brand new state of the art Kitchen Displays showcasing the latest Kitchen trends. Each kitchen display is loaded with all the top quality kitchen accessories and space saving ideas that you can try out… Read more »

Kitchen Tiled Splashbacks

There has been a revolution in kitchen splash backs. After 33 years in the industry we have seen many kitchen trends come and go. Until recently kitchen glass splashbacks were all the rage but this time around the poor glass kitchen splashback manufacturers are experiencing a substantial downturn in orders. Kitchen tiles are back, in… Read more »

Custom Storage Ideas

Kitchens have come such a long way.  Our lifestyle now demands more comfort, ease and speed in the kitchen. As a result, there are many new kitchen storage ideas which have become available, Kitchen accessories and gadgetry to improve the use of your kitchen and make it a pleasure to work in. If your kitchen... Read more »

Modern Kitchens For Apartments

We are seeing Modern Kitchens in Melbourne taking on a whole new meaning. As we are moving towards a simpler lifestyle with smaller housing, Modern Kitchens are becoming more compact with many space saving kitchen accessories to accommodate the shift in kitchen space available. Kitchen designers have needed to rethink how to design kitchens to… Read more »

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

When embarking upon a Kitchen Renovation, there are many things to consider in your Kitchen design phase. Over the last 10 years, Kitchen hardware companies have developed many space saving ideas and smart gadgetry for different areas of the kitchen workspace. German companies such as Blum & Hafele have lead the way in terms of… Read more »

The hearth of the home

It’s funny how everyone seems to gravitate to the kitchen. I’ve been thinking about this lately and decided to do my own investigation where this idea originally came from. Turns out it goes back a hell of a long way.. The kitchen was used for cooking and for warmth. The open fire, the combustion stove;… Read more »

Is a new Kitchen Renovation 123 Like in the Block?

I was watching The Block last Sunday night and thinking to myself how easy they make a Kitchen Renovation look, as if  there`s very little time between the start and finish and everything just magically happens in an instant. Unfortunately this is not reality, even though this show is  supposedly Reality TV. A Kitchen Renovation… Read more »

Calcatta Nuvo Released

Caesarstone & Calacatta Marble Benchtops. Caesarstone`s interpretation of natural Calacatta marble – Calacatta Nuvo™, brings wide, elegant, cascading, grey veins on a soft white base. In Kitchens , this large scale design  compliments both Modern Kitchens & French Provincial Kitchens. Calacatta Nuvo  Benchtops work beautifully with a  range of complimentary Kitchen materials including modern white… Read more »

Tomato Relish

  There’s nothing like this time of year to prepare and preserve your fruit and vegetables. Living in the Yarra Valley I am privileged to have easy access to organic tomatoes and so I organized a sauce making day with my daughter , my girlfriend, and her daughter. We had so much fun cooking in… Read more »


I came across this recipe- Chocolate, Beetroot, and Raspberry Brownies whilst looking for a dessert to make for my Gluten and Dairy intolerant daughter. It’s always a challenge to find something which is not only sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free, but also tastes delicious. My daughter and I decided to give it a… Read more »

I Want To Renovate My Kitchen… Where Do I Start?

I have found time and time again with people visiting our Kitchen Showrooms or enquiring about a Kitchen Renovation, that there has been a confusion about where to begin. In other words, there is such a bombardment of information, ideas and choices given via the Media that people can easily get overwhelmed by it all…. Read more »

I Want a Designer Kitchen

What is a Designer Kitchen? How does it differ? Why does a Custom Made Kitchen cost more than a flat packed Kitchen? These are some of  the questions we are asked on a daily basis from people wanting to have a Kitchen Renovation and not knowing where to start. A Designer Kitchen is Custom Designed…. Read more »

Thermo Mix – No. 1 Tool in Your New Kitchen

Thermomix is one of the most advanced kitchen appliances in the market today. It is a Kitchen appliance that unites the functions of over 10 Kitchen appliances into one compact unit. Thermomix can chop, beat, mix, emulsify, mill, kneed, blend, cook, stir, steam, weigh and melt. The ergonomic design of the Thermomix, ensures anyone of… Read more »

Choosing Kitchen Appliances Suitable For Your New Kitchen

A new Kitchen Renovation is one of the largest decisions and expenses you will make as a Home Owner. When deciding to invest in a new Kitchen one of the first things to consider is the Kitchen Style  that will suit your home and lifestyle. Once this has been established, then you can start shopping… Read more »


THE LARGEST KITCHEN, BATHROOM & FURNITURE SHOW IN THE WORLD Off to Milan we went for an exciting , jam packed, whirlwind four days of Kitchen and Bathroom Heaven!!! When we arrived day 1 there were people everywhere. It was incredible to get the concept that all these people had some connection with Kitchen Design,… Read more »

Custom Made Cabinetry For Your Kitchen

Have you been thinking about a Kitchen Renovation?

Wondering what`s so special about a Custom Made Kitchen as opposed to a Flat Pack Kitchen?
Ok, let me enlighten you.

Modern Kitchens, What Constitutes A Great Kitchen Design

The Modern Kitchen has become an iconic symbol of fashionable style. A good Kitchen designer should always focus on both functional performance and aesthetic impact. When deciding to incorporate a Modern Kitchen Design into your home, there are a multitude of options available these days. Gloss Cabinetry doors are available in laminate, vinyl wrap, and… Read more »

Kitchen Kicker Drawers

What is a kicker drawer and why have one  in your Kitchen? A Kitchen Kicker Drawer is a concept that has been around for some time but not given enough credit. This built in Kitchen Drawer can accommodate many uses and should be thought about when planning the design of your Kitchen Renovation. Underneath your… Read more »

Outdoor Kitchen

With summer finally arriving with a vengeance in Melbourne, an Out door Kitchen is definitely a great addition to your living space.
Depending on the layout of your home and backyard, the options are endless for the Outdoor Kitchen Design that will work for your Lifestyle.

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Pantry Options For Your New Kitchen Design..

Are you aware of the many Kitchen Pantry design choices available to you these days?

As our lifestyles become busier, there is no time to fossick about in the Kitchen Pantry trying to locate that one food item you thought you had, or spending time and money repurchasing food items that are unbeknown to you hiding at the back of the Pantry.

A well designed Kitchen Pantry is one of the most important aspects of your new Kitchen.

There are many options available these days to provide you with a neat, organised and easy to use food storage area.

Introducing New Caesarstone Colours..

                  We are finding with  a huge increase of customers opting for Caesarstone Benchtops for their new Kitchen and Bathroom renovations, Caesarstone always stays  on top of the game. This time they have released 5 new colours. Direct Kitchens are delighted to offer you a wider selection of colours plus  some colours… Read more »

One of our latest custom made provincial kitchens


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