Think about your existing Kitchen and the problems you would like to have resolved by having your Kitchen Renovation.

More Bench Space, more cupboard space, a larger Pantry, a larger Kitchen, usable corners, more drawers, somewhere to sit at the Kitchen and have Breakfast, new Appliances etc…

Look at the current positioning of your Kitchen appliances and sink and where everything is in relationship to each other. What type of Kitchen layout would be more workable so that cooking in the Kitchen can be more pleasurable and efficient.

             KITCHEN QUALITY

Your kitchen Renovation can vary greatly in this area. There is definitely a huge difference between a flat pack Kitchen and a Custom Made Kitchen.

What is a flat Pack Kitchen?

A Flat Pack or mass produced Kitchen is usually manufactured in a huge plant in Asia and sent out in flat packages to be assembled DIY.
With this type of manufacturing there are choice limitations in style, sizes, materials, colour, height, benchtops, accessories etc. space cannot be utilized to its fullest due to fixed styles and sizes.

The Kitchen is fitted into the space and fixed fillers are used to close the gaps. Internal hardware does not come with any guarantee and is generally of inferior quality.