Complete Kitchen Project Management

Direct Kitchens stands out from it`s competitors by providing exceptional “Turn Key” Service. (ready for use) which is tailored to each and every individual Kitchen customer`s situation. As there is an extensive amount of tradework connected with a Kitchen Installation and unless you are fully conversant with the requirements, you will find it difficult to co-ordinate them all.

At Direct Kitchens Building and Constructions, our Trades Team Manager and long standing Licensed Builder, will take care of co-ordinating all the trades people required for your complete Kitchen Installation. He works behind the scenes well in advance and arranges for our installation staff to seamlessly work together. Our Trades personal have been with us for a very long time and thus understand exactly what is needed to achieve an excellent quality Kitchen Installation. They are friendly and professional and even clean up after themselves!

“You get to enjoy your new Kitchen without the worry of arranging every aspect of it”

The Quality and Service we provide to our customers is second to none and we strive to create a pleasant, stress free, kitchen Renovation experience.

Your Kitchen Renovation & Structural Alterations

Direct Kitchens are also able to Project Manage and co-ordinate any needed Structural Alterations that may be necessary to achieve the Kitchen Design you have dreamed of. Our Licensed Builder works in conjunction with the Kitchen Designer to put together a complete proposal of the cost of the building work required.

Your Complete Bathroom Renovation

Are you needing a Bathroom Renovation at the same time? We have had extensive experience at both Bathroom Design & Bathroom Renovation. Again, our Trades Team Manager will take care of co-ordinating all Trades connected with your complete Bathroom Renovation.