July 28, 2023

Seeking a quality kitchen: custom made versus flat-pack

So, you’ve gathered your kitchen design inspo and you’re ready to jump into the deep end of kitchen renovation. But what sort of kitchen are you going to choose? When it comes to looking at a custom Australian made kitchen as opposed to an imported flat-pack version, the quality, durability, and longevity can vary greatly. 

What is a custom-made kitchen? 

Think of a custom-made kitchen as a tailored suit – made to measure of high-quality fabric and beautiful workmanship. It’s a garment, but it’s also something uniquely you, because it has been made specifically to meet your personal requirements.

Similarly, Australian custom-made kitchens are completely made to measure. Drawn to ensure maximum storage space, functionality, and style. With the aid of an experienced kitchen designer, you can determine exactly how your kitchen space will look and feel. 

Direct Kitchens custom-made kitchens to by Direct Kitchens is also project managed and installed by trusted trade professional partners. Significantly reducing any stress and strain associated with a renovation.

We’ll be there when we say we will. In fact, from the beginning of the design process right through to the final details, we’ll be there every step of the way, ensuring the quality, durability and design aesthetics of your dream kitchen. 

How does a flat-pack kitchen compare? 

A flat-pack kitchen is an off-the-rack suit. It might look nice in the store (or the glossy Ikea or Bunnings Kitchen brochure), but will it suit your requirements and exceed your expectations? 

Flat-pack kitchens are generally manufactured off-shore and sent out in flat packages to be assembled. On paper, this can often look like the cheaper option, but don’t forget to factor in the cost of various tradespeople if you’re not confident installing a kitchen by hand, nor the cost – both financial and emotional – of delays if those tradespeople don’t turn up when they say they will. (Don’t forget that a kitchen isn’t just cabinets – it’s also benchtops, tiles, splashbacks, light fittings, plumbing, gas and/or electricity.) 

With this type of flat-pack manufacturing there are also choice limitations in style, sizes, materials, colour, height, bench-tops and accessories. Some issues that people who purchase flat-pack kitchens come across are uneven walls, voids and/or awkward layouts. The kitchen is fitted into the space and fixed fillers are used to close the gaps, sealing up potential storage possibilities. Furthermore, internal hardware may not come with any guarantee and can be of inferior quality. 

Should you choose a flat-pack or custom kitchen design? 

A flat-pack kitchen is marketed as a ‘do-it-yourself’ option, so the question really comes down to whether you have the time and skills to assemble and install a kitchen yourself, to a standard that you’re going to be happy with next year and in five years’ time (and five years after that when you’re looking to sell, and the kitchen is a selling point). 

By engaging an experienced kitchen design company such as Direct Kitchens, you’re handing that responsibility to a team of professionals who have been in the industry for over three decades. Our experienced designers will help you to explore various function and style options to ensure your kitchen works for you – making sure you get those dream fixtures or fittings along the way. Our Trades Team Manager will work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth co-ordination of your complete kitchen project. And our trustworthy trades team crew will complete your renovation to the highest quality standards. 

Contact the custom-design kitchen professionals in Melbourne 

Australian custom kitchen design will add value to your home. Provide you with more storage and functionality options, and create a kitchen that is uniquely yours. If you’d like to get the ball rolling on a beautiful, functional kitchen that makes the most of your available space and suits your lifestyle, contact us at Direct Kitchens today. And don’t forget to explore our projects gallery for even more kitchen inspiration.