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Must try colour trends for your kitchen!

Choosing the perfect kitchen colours can either make or break a total kitchen renovation. Not only does it define your overall aesthetic, but it also creates a more engaging place for your next cooking session and adds warmth to your family bonding moment.   If you are looking for some inspiration for your kitchen, check out… Read more »

Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet – A Step-by-Step Guide

kitchen cabinet

The kitchen cabinet serves a big role in decluttering spaces—transforming your home to be more beautiful and functional. But the common challenge is that every house is built differently in terms of space and aesthetics. So, bringing in every storage idea to upgrade your space might just confuse you in the end. In this blog,… Read more »

How to Avoid Pitfalls When Renovating Your Dream Kitchen Space.

In every home where everyone is hustling and bustling, there’s one special space that brings the family together: the kitchen. For years, this area has been referred to as the hearth of every household, as it provides a supportive environment where everyone can experience a warm bond and create fresh memories to share.    Now you’re… Read more »

6 Steps to Planning Your Dream Kitchen Space

Have you ever visualised a kitchen design idea that seems to be perfect for you, but when you’re just about to start, it doesn’t seem like it could ever become a reality?  Sudden questions like “Do all these ideas work well together?” or “Can this space be functional?”  or “Is my budget enough to start… Read more »

Seeking a quality kitchen: custom made versus flat-pack

So, you’ve gathered your kitchen design inspo and you’re ready to jump into the deep end of kitchen renovation. But what sort of kitchen are you going to choose? When it comes to looking at a custom Australian made kitchen as opposed to an imported flat-pack version, the quality, durability, and longevity can vary greatly. … Read more »

Help us help you – knowing your kitchen renovation price range

kitchen renovation price range

A kitchen renovation is an investment. An investment in your family. An investment in your future. And, yes, a financial investment. And it can be confronting when a kitchen designer wants to know your kitchen renovation price range early in the design conversation. We are asking, however, for very specific reasons. And those reasons collectively… Read more »

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne – Things to consider before you start

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Choosing the right kitchen cabinets for your kitchen renovation is a huge decision. Without a doubt, your kitchen cabinetry determines your aesthetic, so choosing the right cabinets is critical. Custom kitchen renovations in Melbourne Renovating your kitchen is a smart investment in adding value to your property. A survey by found 80% of people… Read more »

Which popular kitchen layout works best for your Melbourne home?

A good Melbourne kitchen designer always focuses on both functionality and aesthetics. So whether your space is small or large, a clever kitchen layout will ensure you get the most out of the area.    Most popular kitchen layouts While your home’s floor plan may dictate your kitchen’s layout, the most popular kitchen layouts can… Read more »

Kitchen Tiles! Bathroom Tiles! Laundry Tiles!

In Kitchen Renovation, tiled Splashbacks have had the biggest comeback since the 60`s. Coloured and white Kitchen Cabinetry (two toned) with plain tiled Splashbacks or Glass splashbacks have been the preferred trend in the last few years adding some pizazz to an otherwise white kitchen style. We've now seen a definite shift with some terrific... Read more »

Lifestyle Kitchen Renovation

The perfect start point for beginning your home renovations is in the kitchen. Your kitchen is the centrepiece of the home. It is also the space where you will spend the majority of your time in, so having a beautiful kitchen is paramount. It also makes it easier to create a similar feel and style... Read more »