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Choosing the Right Kitchen Island Design for Your Home

What is a Kitchen Island  A functional kitchen island design is a great addition to every home. It can serve many purposes to improve the kitchen’s functionality and efficiency, such as providing an additional workspace to give you a clutter-free kitchen or serving as an additional room for specialised storage solutions, dining, and entertainment.  … Read more »

Why You Should Laminate Your Kitchen

kitchen laminates

Laminate is one of the top picks of kitchen owners to enhance the functionality and overall aesthetics of their kitchen. This type of finish has a variety of colours and textures to choose from to match the design of your space, but most importantly, laminates can withstand everyday activities in the kitchen.   To help… Read more »

Must try colour trends for your kitchen!

Choosing the perfect kitchen colours can either make or break a total kitchen renovation. Not only does it define your overall aesthetic, but it also creates a more engaging place for your next cooking session and adds warmth to your family bonding moment.   If you are looking for some inspiration for your kitchen, check out… Read more »

Seeking a quality kitchen: custom made versus flat-pack

So, you’ve gathered your kitchen design inspo and you’re ready to jump into the deep end of kitchen renovation. But what sort of kitchen are you going to choose? When it comes to looking at a custom Australian made kitchen as opposed to an imported flat-pack version, the quality, durability, and longevity can vary greatly. … Read more »

Finding kitchen design ideas & inspiration

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Daydreaming the kitchen you have into the kitchen you want can be a lovely – and time-consuming! – pastime. There are now countless ways to scroll for kitchen inspiration and to visualise your kitchen design thoughts and ideas. But when it comes to making your dream kitchen a reality, presenting your kitchen designer with 16… Read more »

We design kitchens to suit your lifestyle – and it’s our birthday!

custom kitchen renovation

Direct Kitchens – Melbourne’s custom kitchen renovation and design experts – have been designing beautiful bespoke kitchens for 38 years now. It’s our birthday, and we’re excited to celebrate! We’re excited to look back, to chart our growth and company milestones, and we’re excited to look forward to the future of kitchen design in Melbourne… Read more »

Choosing a timeless colour scheme for your dream kitchen

kitchen colour scheme Direct Kitchens

  The combination of possibilities is infinite when deciding on your kitchen’s colour scheme. Even harder yet is choosing a kitchen colour scheme that will stand the test of time in your home. Leaving you without wanting to redesign it every few years.    Kitchen colour scheme choices  There are lots of features within the… Read more »

The Top Kitchen Trends in Australia for 2023

Kitchen Trends for 2023 Direct Kitchens Melbourne

  Designing your new kitchen is no small feat. It’s the place where you start your day with your morning coffee and end it with family, friends and good food. So we don’t need to tell you how important getting the design and renovation of your kitchen right is. But where to even begin with… Read more »

Must-haves for your Hamptons style kitchen renovation

Hamptons Kitchen

Timeless, elegant, crisp – these are words you typically associate with a Hamptons style kitchen. Drawing its name from an area in New York City, well known for affluent homes, a Hamptons style kitchen is often luxurious and impressive as it embraces a timeless design. When considering a Hamptons style kitchen, there are a few… Read more »

Which popular kitchen layout works best for your Melbourne home?

A good Melbourne kitchen designer always focuses on both functionality and aesthetics. So whether your space is small or large, a clever kitchen layout will ensure you get the most out of the area.    Most popular kitchen layouts While your home’s floor plan may dictate your kitchen’s layout, the most popular kitchen layouts can… Read more »