March 26, 2024

Transforming Your Current Layout Into a Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchen’s is the most sought-after design today because of the maximum functionality it provides infused in a minimalist style. This choice does not only enhance the look of your kitchen but you’re your workflow efficiency while keeping you organised.

However, some homeowners feel that their choices are being limited by their current layout. Here is what you can do based on each layout:

L-Shaped kitchen

This type of kitchen provides plenty of space and features a great work triangle which makes the design more efficient. The two open end points of the L kitchen also minimises your workflow traffic for added convenience inside the kitchen. To highlight its modern features, try to:

Maximise your storage by adding cabinets and drawers for a clutter-free and more flawless kitchen.
Choose proper lighting for your cabinet and countertop for added safety and make an inviting appeal.

U-Shaped Kitchen

With three walls surrounding the kitchen, this time-saving layout allows you to access all your kitchen essentials with minimal movement. To give it a modern facelift, consider:

Adding an island that can serve as an additional space to prepare and gather everyone in your kitchen.
Placing contrast colours on your backsplash and cabinets to highlight the focal interior of your kitchen or simply just to improve your aesthetics.

Galley Kitchen

If it is for functionality, this layout says a lot about being practical in maximising the use of limited space. To achieve a modern vibe inside your galley kitchen, focus on:

Optimising your layout by experimenting on vertical cabinetry or open shelving to create more space that you can work on.
Go for minimalist design and carefully select your furniture and appliance to keep the modern appeal inside the narrow spaces.

Island-Centred Kitchen

With more storage to offer and additional space to work with, an island-centered kitchen is a dream for many homeowners. To enhance the modern touch in an island-centred kitchen, try to include:

Customised cabinets to organise your space and save your time from finding a specific item inside a cluttered kitchen.
Additional space for seating if you want to transform your kitchen island into a serving area for family or guests.

Let us work on your modern kitchen

A modern kitchen features a versatile design so you can work around with your choices to match different layouts. To achieve a minimalist and functional space, it is ideal to work with a team of professionals to properly assess your space requirements.

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