February 25, 2024

Things you need to consider for a perfect kitchen island

As a homeowner, you’ve probably dreamt of having a versatile kitchen island where you can base all of your kitchen activities. While this feature seems to be a great addition to the heart of your home, many people find it daunting to choose the right one. That’s why we have sorted out a key list of things you should keep in mind when planning your new kitchen island.

Know Its Purpose  

To create a perfect kitchen island, you should first identify its use in your kitchen. Will the island be you main prep area, will it be a service space, what appliances will it house, what level of storage does is need to provide? Try to assess the flow of traffic inside your kitchen, the spaces that will be used the most and what daily tasks you want to make as simple as possible.  

Check space availability  

Installing a kitchen island can save you from the stress of having a cluttered kitchen by offering more storage, workspace and room to move. However, you must evaluate the overall size of your kitchen so you can maximize your space without compromising on function. Our experienced kitchen designers will help to you look at these possible features when planning your layout: 

  1. 1. Custom Cabinetry
    Having custom drawers, pull-out shelves or even under-counter racks to store your kitchen essentials can make your cooking experience more efficient.  
  1. 2. Smart Appliances
    For modern kitchens, appliances like dishwashers, sinks and refrigerators are being incorporated on the kitchen island to save more space.  
  1. 3. Extra Seating Space
    The kitchen can transform it into an entertainment space for your family and guests. If you enjoy hosting celebrations, consider adding extra seating space to accommodate everyone.

Choose the right material

Your kitchen island usually matches the overall aesthetic of your space, but there is no limit to playing around with material options so long as it matches your personal style. Our team of kitchen designers will provide you with high-quality material options to ensure durability and longevity in your new kitchen.

Work with a professional kitchen designer 

Our strongest piece of advice is to work with our team at Direct Kitchens, working alongside our professional kitchen designer with years of experience makes all the difference.   We ensure that we share our wealth of knowledge in every facet of your new kitchen design – including the many styles, options and available functions that can be incorporated into your new kitchen island. 

Get in touch with our kitchen design professionals and let’s discuss the perfect island for your kitchen.  

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