April 20, 2015

Is a new Kitchen Renovation 123 Like in the Block?

I was watching The Block last Sunday night and thinking to myself how easy they make a Kitchen Renovation look, as if  there`s very little time between the start and finish and everything just magically happens in an instant.

Unfortunately this is not reality, even though this show is  supposedly Reality TV.

A Kitchen Renovation is a huge undertaking which has many facets that need to be fully addressed and dealt with professionally.

We`ve been renovating Kitchens in existing homes for  almost 30 years now and believe me, it can be an absolute nightmare if things are not done right from the very start. I`m talking about the very start being the Kitchen Design.

Making sure that your Kitchen Designer has really listened to your needs and wants, and can competently create your Kitchen design that provides that


After all, in undertaking a Kitchen Renovation you are investing  $`s  into your home and you have to LOVE your New Kitchen!!!

A Kitchen Renovation in an existing home is a more difficult task than a new Kitchen in a new home. This is due to the fact that as a house ages, things shift such as  walls, stumps, floors etc…

You also have to contend with your existing Kitchen and it`s hidden secrets  and difficulties which may only present themselves when you start demolishing.

Exact checking and measuring  with a professional eye before demolishing  will  detect and avoid these  possible pitfalls.

Engaging a Kitchen Company which has years of experience with Kitchens in existing homes and can offer Custom made Kitchens will ensure that your Kitchen will fit perfectly with no ugly gaps, wasted space or unworkable Kitchen Design.


One of  our recent Kitchen Renovations was in a 1930`s house in  the Country.

The owners purchased this home with the intention of running a B+B and the existing kitchen was completely unworkable to being able to cook for others.

Our Kitchen Designer and the Owners spend a considerable amount of time getting the Kitchen Design exactly to what they wanted to achieve.

I thought I`d post a series of photos of   before, during, and after their new kitchen was installed to help give a pictorial view of what is involved in a Kitchen Renovation Project and what can be achieved- that WOW FACTOR!!


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