August 15, 2023

6 Steps to Planning Your Dream Kitchen Space

Have you ever visualised a kitchen design idea that seems to be perfect for you, but when you’re just about to start, it doesn’t seem like it could ever become a reality? 

Sudden questions like “Do all these ideas work well together?” or “Can this space be functional?”  or “Is my budget enough to start the renovation process?” – can derail your plans. 

Before you get sidetracked, let’s go through the six steps that you should know before you start your kitchen renovation journey:

1. Express your vision.

Whenever you see or think of an idea, you may save an image, write the idea on a piece of paper or type it on your phone because the first important thing to consider in your kitchen renovation is imagining how your space would look like. 

Once you had an idea of how your vision will be expressed, think about who will be involved in this project. In kitchen renovation, it is important to have a discussion with experienced kitchen design experts to help you understand your next step and avoid wasting your money.  

2. Gather your dream team

Now that you have a vision for your dream kitchen, it’s time to build your dream team to work with! If you don’t know where to start looking, consider working with a credible team who has been in business longer than 35 years! 

Direct Kitchens has been in the industry for more than three decades, manufacturing and providing award-winning custom-made kitchens and cabinetry to Boutique Builders across Melbourne. 

3. Manage your renovation cost

Depending on your desired kitchen design, the renovation cost can vary. To maximise your budget, you must determine the elements which are important to you and allocate your budget accordingly. At Direct Kitchens, you can discuss with kitchen design experts face to help you align your requirements to your budget.  

4. Choose the right materials and colours

A renovation project can make you feel like you’re starting with a blank canvas, and choosing the materials, colours, and furniture that perfectly match your style and preferences can be tough. 

In bringing your ideas to life, you’re also creating an atmosphere for your home rather than just choosing the aesthetics. Visiting our beautiful kitchen showrooms and having a design consultation with our experienced designer will give you a greater understanding of what elements should be added to your design and how they can work together. 

5. Understand renovation timelines

Our dedicated project management team communicates with our clients to determine and manage renovation timelines, production, and trades people.  

Understanding the renovation timelines enables you to monitor the work being done and address any concerns or delays promptly. This also maintains effective communication with other involved parties.

6. Start your kitchen makeover! 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of planning your kitchen makeover – break it down into stages and get started. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your kitchen become more functional, beautiful, and worthwhile. The most important thing is to follow the right steps!  

In renovating kitchen areas, we’re not just talking about aesthetics and functionality. You are also creating new spaces for fresh memories to be shared with family and friends.

Direct Kitchens has the right people, tools, and resources that can be tailored for your needs. Book your free design consultation today and we will help you kickstart your kitchen makeover.