February 21, 2023

Which popular kitchen layout works best for your Melbourne home?

A good Melbourne kitchen designer always focuses on both functionality and aesthetics.

So whether your space is small or large, a clever kitchen layout will ensure you get the most out of the area. 


Most popular kitchen layouts

While your home’s floor plan may dictate your kitchen’s layout, the most popular kitchen layouts can be adapted to fit any space. 

Single-wall kitchen

The single-wall kitchen is the most basic yet efficient layout for a kitchen. When maximising the space, it’s important to think vertically and horizontally. Installing cabinetry to the ceiling, utilising any space above your cabinets to store items, hanging pans, displaying crockery, and even installing a cooktop saves space and develops an eye-pleasing aesthetic. 

Galley kitchen layout

A highly functional design for cooking, the galley kitchen is a popular choice among Melbourne homeowners with smaller spaces and those who love to cook. This uncomplicated design often features two rows of cabinets facing each other using every millimetre of space. 

L-shaped kitchen

Offering flexibility the L-shaped kitchen allows for easy circulation throughout the room whilst ensuring all cooking and preparation surfaces are within reach. Customise your L-shaped kitchen design with a breakfast nook, walk-in corner pantry or even built-in shelves – the possibilities are endless with an L-shaped kitchen layout. 

U-shaped kitchen 

Undoubtedly a great Melbourne kitchen design, the U-shaped layout consists of cabinetry along three adjacent walls making it the perfect work triangle space. Often used for designer kitchen layouts, the U-shaped kitchen allows multiple people to cook or enjoy the space together. 

Designer kitchens

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