September 3, 2018

Beautiful Hamptons Kitchen Design

What is a Hamptons Kitchen Design and how do I achieve this look in my own New Kitchen Project?

Why has the Hamptons Style Kitchen become so in demand and we are finding that there is a huge increase in our clients wanting a Hamptons Kitchen Design with all the bells and whistles?

We all know it`s a White Kitchen with accents of grey and has a calming coastal feel and look. Achieving that Hamptons Kitchen with the Real Wow Factor takes some ingenious Kitchen Designer that can think outside the box.

It also takes clever, bespoke cabinet construction and Kitchen Appliances that are stunning aesthetically.

Hamptons Style Kitchens originated from Upstate New York`s Seaside location- The Hamptons, where the rich & famous either own holiday homes or reside full time. As you can imagine no expense was spared in terms of quality Kitchen Appliances, Accessories, Finishes and Fittings.

Of course, there are variations of a Hamptons Style Kitchen look, that can be tailored to a more modest budget. Finishes and Accessories can be modified by a clever Kitchen Designer to help scale down the overall cost of your Kitchen Project.

Stay tuned, next Blog I will go into more detail with some great tips on the various finishes available to creating your Stunning Hamptons Style Kitchen.

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