September 10, 2014

I Want a Designer Kitchen

What is a Designer Kitchen? How does it differ? Why does a Custom Made Kitchen cost more than a flat packed Kitchen? These are some of  the questions we are asked on a daily basis from people wanting to have a Kitchen Renovation and not knowing where to start.

A Designer Kitchen is Custom Designed. This means that a Professional Kitchen Designer works directly with you to firstly discover your needs,  your wants, and your lifestyle choices. Once  this has been established then a Kitchen Design with those elements in mind can proceed.

In other words, the Designer Kitchen is designed for you, rather than having a limited range of Kitchen styles and finishes that you have to choose from.

With a limited range of Kitchen Styles, it`s difficult to get exactly what you want and unfortunately compromises have to be made.

A Kitchen Renovation is a huge undertaking  and expense in a home so the question really is;  Do you want a completely workable kitchen that is your Dream kitchen, Custom Designed and made for you, or are you satisfied with a stock standard Kitchen Design that doesn`t  neccessarily  meet with your idea of a Designer Kitchen.

The Kitchen is the hub of the home. A Kitchen Design which provides good functionality, great space saving,  pleasurable  cooking, and enjoyable family time in and around the Kitchen, is what we all want in the end.