July 17, 2023

Finding kitchen design ideas & inspiration

Daydreaming the kitchen you have into the kitchen you want can be a lovely – and time-consuming! – pastime. There are now countless ways to scroll for kitchen inspiration and to visualise your kitchen design thoughts and ideas.

But when it comes to making your dream kitchen a reality, presenting your kitchen designer with 16 of your favourite celebrity kitchens (all in different styles, sizes and colour ranges), may not cut the proverbial mustard! 

So how best to find designer kitchen inspiration and then draw those threads together into a shareable and achievable concept? 

Start Big – seeking kitchen design inspiration 

Kickstarting your kitchen design journey should first involve seeing what’s out there. And believe us – when it comes to modern kitchens, there is a lot to see! 

Social media sites 

Turn mindless scrolling into a useful chore and gather inspiration in your downtime. If celebrities (and beautiful design) are your thing, pop into Instagram, where Architectural Digest showcases gorgeous properties from around the world. You might also want to skip over to YouTube, where interesting design features pop up in the homes of actors and musicians (check out Zedd’s pot filler, for instance, at 6:11). To really start gathering together ideas, Pinterest is the perfect place for finding inspiration and creating mood boards. Here you can also start to streamline your search a little, with the diversity of options ranging from rustic industrial kitchens to bohemian farmhouse kitchens and beyond. 

Interior magazines 

Magazines, whether electronic or printed, are an excellent place to get insights from experts in the interior design field. If you’re a fan of the hard copy mood board, this is your chance to get out your scissors! Look for magazines with an architectural angle, such as Grand Designs Australia Kitchens & Bathrooms or Houses: Kitchens + Bathrooms, or browse for inspiring aesthetics in Australian Home Beautiful, Inside Out or Vogue Living. You can also veer towards sustainable design with Sanctuary or Green. 

Visualiser Apps 

With a range of handy apps available (and more popping up every day!), you can test drive your new design ideas using your current kitchen as a blank canvas. The Houzz app is full to brimming with kitchen inspiration, but it also allows you to start to hone your ideas – then send them off to family and friends for their take on your new kitchen. (They’ll be the ones helping you celebrate once it’s completed, after all!) TapGlance is another app that makes it easy to share your ideas with others – this time with photo-realistic renders of your dream kitchen design concepts.  

Sharpen your focus – turning inspiration into a coherent concept 

As you browse through Instagram and Pinterest or flip through glossy magazines, it’s a great idea to spend time writing down a list of the key features that keep snagging your interest across the various platforms. It might be a colour that draws your concept together, or an island bench, or a certain way that the cabinetry works to ensure great storage solutions. Taking notes will help you consolidate your thoughts on what you really want out of your future designer kitchen. 

Visit our custom kitchen design showrooms 

It’s all well and good to look at two-dimensional designs, but to really get a feel for a kitchen, it’s much better to stand in it and pull out the drawers and move from fridge to sink to stove and back. The Direct Kitchens Showrooms display a wide variety of styles, material choices and accessories for you to get a hands-on feel of your dream kitchen. 

Speak to a kitchen design specialist 

With your mood board or scrapbook ready, now is the time to speak to a professional kitchen design company. We can help you further consolidate your ideas, chat about logistics and begin the process of turning your dream into a reality.

With 38 years of experience, Direct Kitchens designers will ensure that your kitchen renovation runs from start to finish with maximum satisfaction with the final product.

Start the process with a free design consultation. We can’t wait to bring your ideas to life!