November 13, 2013

Pantry Options For Your New Kitchen Design..

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Are you aware of the many  Kitchen Pantry design choices available to you these days?

As our lifestyles become busier, there is no time to fossick about in the Kitchen Pantry trying to locate that one food item you thought you had,  or  spending time and money  repurchasing  food items that are unbeknown to you hiding at the back of the Pantry.

A well designed Kitchen Pantry is one of the most important aspects of your new Kitchen.

There are many options available these days to provide you with a neat, organised and easy to use food storage area.

Regardless of whether you prefer a Butlers Pantry/ Kitchen Scullery, a walk in Kitchen Pantry or a Pantry within a Kitchen Cupboard , your Kitchen Design can include a wide variety of pantry hardware within these spaces.

Our three Kitchen Showrooms display a number of Kitchen Pantry options utilising  both Blum and Hafele Hardware.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with top Quality Kitchens. We believe the quality of both these companies is of the best on the market as evidenced by a lifetime warranty of their products.


Below are some of the Kitchen Pantry Hardware options..



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DISPENSA                           PANTRY PULL OUT



The Convoy Centro from Kessebohmer provides enough space to store all the groceries for a household in one centrally positioned unit with a very small footprint. A light touch moves the entire contents out in front of the unit – for a clear view from either side and very fast access.


Tandem offers completely new potential for food storage – just opening the door is an inspiration. In a clever piece of engineering, the back shelf element moves automatically towards the user as the door is pulled open.


Pantry Pull Out – Fitted above a built in appliance, it provides well-organised, efficient storage.


Each Tray or basket can be individually hung at a height to suit the contents, making Dispensa a Flexible solution providing a lot of storage with a very small footprint. The entire height and width of the unit can be fully utilised.

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