December 18, 2015

The hearth of the home

It’s funny how everyone seems to gravitate to the kitchen. I’ve been thinking about this lately and decided to do my own investigation where this idea originally came from.


Turns out it goes back a hell of a long way.. The kitchen was used for cooking and for warmth. The open fire, the combustion stove; this is where the family gathered in the cold winter to keep warm.

We know that in most cultures and most families, the kitchen has always been the heart of the home. Yet in the social front there was a time where hanging out in the kitchen was frowned upon by the upper class. The up and coming of the 1800’s distanced themselves from the working class, their servants, cooks etc and so distanced themselves from the Kitchen. Kitchen gathering was seen for something for the lower classes.

This started to change in the 20th Century, people were no longer so narrow minded and formal. They wanted to meet and mix with many types of people and gathering in the kitchen became a sign of social equality.

Todays kitchens are really so much more then kitchens. They are an important family living space. Modern Kitchen design is about celebrating this essential role. It’s also about creating an inviting space, where family and friends gather to converse, drink wine and share delicious food.

From a cooking perspective, Modern Kitchen Design can now provide ease of use, great Kitchen storage solutions and ample food preparation areas.