May 17, 2023

The Top Kitchen Trends in Australia for 2023

Designing your new kitchen is no small feat. It’s the place where you start your day with your morning coffee and end it with family, friends and good food. So we don’t need to tell you how important getting the design and renovation of your kitchen right is. But where to even begin with the planning? 

 If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration for your new kitchen, here are some of the top kitchen trends in Australia for 2023.

Large Kitchen Islands 

Without a doubt, your island bench is your kitchen’s centrepiece. Therefore, ensuring you have the right one to complement the rest of your kitchen will tie it all together. The current kitchen trend for island benches is the bigger, the better and choosing a larger kitchen island also has its benefits. It not only gives your kitchen a modern feel but increases your counter space for food prep, additional storage space and the option to add bench seats or dining chairs to create a unique kitchen space that combines cooking and socialising. 

Unique Splashbacks   

Unique and colourful splashbacks are back in fashion and are here to stay. Adding a colourful splashback to a neutral kitchen can transform it into an inviting and stylish space while creating the perfect ambience within your home.  

 If you prefer neutral tones to their colourful counterparts, then you can add a patterned tile to your splashback, such as vertical or herringbone tiles, to give the room some texture. Adding a white textured tile to your white kitchen can also make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the kitchen. So don’t be afraid to venture out!

 Choosing a glass splashback has the ability to open up your room without having to make too many changes and is a beautiful alternative to tiles that can complement whichever style you’re going for! 

More Storage 

The biggest trend and the eternal question is how do I add more storage to my kitchen? Kitchen storage solutions can come in many shapes and sizes. Including adding beautiful cabinetry, innovative shelving, maximising corner units, expanding your drawer storage and using the extra space in your kitchen island. 


From modern oven designs to sleek fridges with instant doors, kitchen technology is always evolving. Incorporating sleek and practical technology into your kitchen design is a great way to maximise the space by minimising the number of appliances you use and can create a clean and versatile kitchen space for you.  

Custom Touches 

The biggest factor in designing your new kitchen is how it will suit your lifestyle and meet your day-to-day culinary needs. There are plenty of advantages to a custom design or adding custom touches. It will perfectly fit your space while reflecting your personal style, be durable and offer practicality for your kitchen.  

 Whether it be customised shaker cabinets to match your Hamptons-style kitchen or finding the perfect coloured benchtop to tie your kitchen together, custom touches can make your kitchen the perfect fit for you. 

Custom Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne  

Still unsure how to start planning your new kitchen? We help you plan, design, decide, build and install your custom kitchen. Creating a seamless service and a perfectly planned kitchen with the latest kitchen trends for your home. 

Book your free design consultation with our kitchen design team, who have the skill and know-how to bring your dream kitchen trends to life.