May 29, 2023

Choosing a timeless colour scheme for your dream kitchen

The combination of possibilities is infinite when deciding on your kitchen’s colour scheme. Even harder yet is choosing a kitchen colour scheme that will stand the test of time in your home. Leaving you without wanting to redesign it every few years. 

Kitchen colour scheme choices 

There are lots of features within the kitchen that plays a role in deciding your colour scheme: 


The cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen and therefore set the base for deciding on your colours. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with white cabinetry. However, using neutral colours such as light grey, pale cream or grey, or even a light green can also offer you a neutral base whilst adding a small pop of colour. 


A flecked benchtop is common for kitchens as it is a neutral choice that offers a modern feel and freshness to the space. A flecked benchtop can be less harsh than an all-white benchtop whilst still complimenting the colours of a traditional kitchen. 

 An all-white benchtop brings a minimalistic and fresh feel when paired with white cabinetry and creates a nice contrast that pairs well with any coloured cabinetry. 

On the contrary, a timber or dark benchtop can bring warmth and depth to a crisp white or neutral kitchen. 


With endless options to choose from in regards to colour, shape and texture, your tile choice can make or break the timeless colour scheme you’re going for. 

It’s important to select a colour that reflects the style choices you’ve made with your cabinets, benchtops and fixtures. Especially one that you won’t get tired of looking at each morning. 

 A neutral textured or white subway tile can also add depth and style to a room without committing to a bold colour. 


A minimalistic white kitchen is a timeless colour choice that can create a bright living space for your kitchen. Having white cabinetry paired with white walls doesn’t have to be boring. It gives you the opportunity to accessorise your kitchen. Adding bold features like black hardware or elegant bronze fixtures creates a beautiful contrast that flows through the room.  

 Taking the time to choose quality tapware, sinks, and fixtures will ensure they last a long time and won’t scratch or wear with age. 

Accessorise your kitchen colour scheme 

Another option to add a pop of colour to your kitchen without committing to the permanence of a tiled backsplash is to accessorise! Adding colour to your kitchen appliances, table settings, pantry solutions, and crockery can be an affordable way to rotate bold colours within your home.  

Choosing the right timeless kitchen colour scheme with Direct Kitchens 

 With 35 years of experience creating dream kitchens, we know that choosing the right colours can be a daunting experience.  Our expert Melbourne design team can help you coordinate an effortlessly chic and timeless kitchen that stands the test of time. Book your free design consultation to bring your dream home to life!