June 29, 2023

Help us help you – knowing your kitchen renovation price range

A kitchen renovation is an investment. An investment in your family. An investment in your future. And, yes, a financial investment. And it can be confronting when a kitchen designer wants to know your kitchen renovation price range early in the design conversation. We are asking, however, for very specific reasons. And those reasons collectively benefit you.

If you’re still in the early stages of planning a new kitchen, the task itself can be daunting. Thinking about the style of kitchen and the materials you want. Choosing a designer. Wondering if the figure in your head realistically translates to what you want on the ground. These, of course, are valid concerns, and many of our clients have experienced these questions at the start of their kitchen renovation journey.

From our experience, many new clients seem initially reluctant to tell us their renovation price range. This blog will cover why an experienced and reputable kitchen designer will ask for your price range upfront. (Hint: it’s so we can design your kitchen to suit your requirements and your lifestyle with the best materials possible within your price range!)

Building a trusting relationship

At Direct Kitchens, excellent customer service is our core philosophy. We want to take your expectations and exceed them every time! After all, if you’ve had a great experience with us, you’ll come back for future work and also tell your family, friends and colleagues. Being open with our clients right from the start is our way of building great relationships. To design you the best possible kitchen, we want to know how you live, entertain, cook and relax. We also want to know how much you wish to spend! Your new kitchen is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in your home, so starting the process with everyone on the same page is vital.

Saving you time

Designing a beautiful, functional kitchen thinking that a client wishes to only spend X amount, but discovering post-design that they are quite happy to go right up to Y (or vice versa!) is the design equivalent of a fool’s errand. It can also affect the creativity of the design – after all, when we know how much you wish to spend, we can start thinking outside the box on how to get there.

Conversations that go back and forth asking for redesigns can be frustrating for everyone – but especially for you. This is the kitchen you want to be living and working in as soon as possible! Your kitchen design will never be exactly perfect the first time – we always expect to change something! – but the closest we can get it, the quicker the build can begin.

Choosing the best materials and finishes

Knowing your price range will influence your kitchen designer’s decisions when it comes to selecting materials and finishes. This isn’t to say, of course, that you can’t opt for a splashy designer sink while keeping other elements pared back. Designing a kitchen is a constant collaboration between the client and the designer, which is why we have these conversations! There are enough designs and finishes to suit a range of affordability options, so you should never feel uncomfortable when suggesting a price range.

A good designer will recommend materials based on both your price range and your lifestyle. One family may choose a laminate bench for reasons of price range, durability and everyday cleaning. Another may opt for a granite benchtop with the thought of adding value to the property for a sale down the track. An experienced kitchen designer will take your price ra – along with your requirements, circumstances and wishes – and weave them into a dream kitchen design package.

Custom kitchen design in Melbourne

Hopefully after reading this blog, you can breathe a little easier about giving your kitchen designer your renovation price ra. Of course, you may still be in the planning phase and deciding on just how much you want to spend! If you’re looking for inspiration, why not head to our Top Kitchen Trends in Australia for 2023 blog – or get a feel for our designs in person at one of the two gorgeous Direct Kitchens design showrooms in Bayswater or Moonee Ponds.