February 21, 2017

Modern Kitchens For Apartments

888da72f6a76e471a0b2d854439b51c6We are seeing Modern Kitchens in Melbourne taking on a whole new meaning. As we are moving towards a simpler lifestyle with smaller housing, Modern Kitchens are becoming more compact with many space saving kitchen accessories to accommodate the shift in kitchen space available.

f68cb97e383b72add8927089da0be8cfKitchen designers have needed to rethink how to design kitchens to make maximum use of the limited kitchen space. In the past, Kitchen designers had a large blank canvas to work with. Glossy Kitchen magazines often display large modern Kitchens with a sleek minimalistic look. These are very appealing however, not practical if you live in a townhouse or apartment.   Achieving this same look in a small space takes a very clever kitchen design. Custom designed kitchens are definitely an advantage as one is not restricted by fixed sized cabinetry where much kitchen space is wasted by having to use fixed fillers to make the kitchen fit into the available space.